5 Top Tips to Maximise the Look of Your Home*


Home is where the heart is, which is why you deserve to be in love with the look of yours. It is often easier said than done, though, which is why you need a winning plan of action to maximise the appearance of your property.

Learn to focus on the five key elements below, and you will not go far wrong.

Think Beyond Today

When making home upgrades, it’s very easy to focus solely on the immediate appearance. However, choosing materials that will continue to look perfect for years to come should be top of the agenda. Cladding experts at Bathroom Marquee can help you find a design that requires minimal maintenance to keep sparkling. Likewise, the right choice of doors and windows will improve the look of your home today and throughout the years to follow.

Focus On Colour & Lighting


Colour schemes and lighting set the atmosphere and general tone of all living spaces. With this in mind, it’s imperative that you give these features the attention that they deserve. Switching to LED lighting can put you in far greater control of colours and intensity levels, allowing for great versatility. As for colour schemes, lighter tones will naturally make spaces look bigger. This is particularly true when the windows are dressed to encourage light. Combining three light coloured walls with one feature wall for added character is a very popular option for the modern home.

Make It Yours   

When seeking inspiration for your future interior designs, it’s easy to forget that showrooms are not family homes. To truly make the house a home, it needs to satisfy your functional needs and celebrate the unique personality of your household. Experts at A1 Sporting Memorabilia can help you find items to brighten up the home. When combined with family photos and holiday souvenirs, there is no doubt that your home will become a happier place. As long as it appeals to your family, the views of other people are virtually irrelevant.    

Appreciate Space Limitations

Most homeowners can relate to the thought of wishing they had a bigger home or at least more space in a specific room. Unfortunately, leaving rooms in an overcrowded position can have an immensely negative impact. Planning the décor for small offices and other restrictive spaces can make all the difference to the home. Try to create extra storage behind doors and hidden spaces like under the stairs too for a stunning transformation. Use the space to its full potential, and the thoughts of needing a bigger home will soon pass.



Add Kerb Appeal   

Maximising the internal appeal of your home is one thing, but it’s equally crucial to perfect the external elements. After all, these factors will set the atmosphere each time you approach the property. Painting the outside walls, installing new gates, and replacing the tarmac on the driveway will have a huge impact. When supported by the small gestures such as adding a mailbox, lighting, and house sign, the results can be awesome. It’ll make yours the envy of the neighbours too!

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