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No one should ever feel unsafe in their own home. Your house should be a place of refuge where you and your family can be secure at all times. But unfortunately, there are bad people out there: burglars and thieves who make a living from breaking into homes and stealing valuable possessions. A burglar strikes every 25.7 seconds, so your home security should be a top priority.

But how can you make your home more secure? Here are five top tips to help you.

Secure your doors

Did you know 34% of burglars come in through the front door? It ”s crucial that your main entry points are as secure as possible. This means keeping them locked at night and when you leave the house. Inspect all your doors to ensure the frames are solid and the hinges secure. Check the letterbox too – could a burglar use this access point to unlock your door? If you have any doubts, for the sake of your security, it will always be worth investing in some more secure front and back doors

Protect your windows

After doors, windows are the most common entry point for a burglar. Always ensure they are securely locked, and if the latches don’t look robust, then you can bulk up the security with some additional locks. Some other methods to protect your windows are reinforcing your glass, planting prickly bushes underneath windows, or adding window bars and security shutters. There are many companies supplying and installing shutters in the UK.

Light up your home

Home invaders tend to act at night when they can operate under cover of darkness. They will stick to the shadows and avoid bright lights. Make their job more difficult by adding more lighting to your driveway and garden. This will make your home look like a less appealing opportunity for potential criminals. You could also consider security lighting, which works on a motion sensor to alert you if anyone has entered your property.

Consider a security system

One of the best ways to give you and your family peace of mind is to install a home security system. These come in a variety of different forms but in general, will detect when someone enters your property and set off an alarm or contact the police. You could even consider installing CCTV cameras to deter thieves and make it easier for police to apprehend the culprit in the event of a burglary. 

Secure your valuables

When a burglar enters your home, they are looking for valuable items to steal and most likely sell. Jewellery is a prime target, as are expensive appliances like televisions and power tools. You should always take care to keep your valuables secure and make it as difficult as possible for a burglar to access them. A safe will keep anything secure, although it should be heavy enough that a burglar can’t walk off with it. Ensure you don’t leave your valuables in plain sight, and they should certainly not be visible through windows.

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