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It doesn’t matter whether you are planning on embarking on a vast rear extension to your home or whether you are looking to give your bedroom a little TLC, there are some common factors that you need to consider. While you might know the best place to pick up your paint, you have the tradespeople that you want to use in mind, and you can quote YouTube DIY tutorial videos verbatim, there will be a few nifty renovation need-to-knows that you simply don’t know. Read on to find out the three things that no one ever tells you about home renovation projects.



You might be giving the garage a clear out to turn it into a games room, you might be planning on extending into your loft to make a master suite or you might be looking to swap the avocado green suite in your bathroom for something a little more this century. Whatever it is that you are doing, the chances are that you will generate an obscene amount of waste. While your refuse collection is efficient and you have plenty of dustbins out back, you won’t have enough to hold the rubble, old basin, garage junk or loft insulation that you need to dispose of. Instead, consider a domestic bins service to take the stress out of the waste you accumulate. With a skip out front, you can fill up and organize a collection, so you don’t have to worry about the mess building up. DIY jobs are untidy, but they needn’t mean living alongside the materials you want to clear out.


All too often, our plans for an economical facelift of a room or our well-costed garden remodeling ideas can slip away from us. You might be heading to your local kitchen showroom to scour the ex-display units when you stumble across a gorgeous light fitting or the latest quartz granite worktop. Before you know it, you’ve overspent, your credit card needs using and you find yourself in debt. This wasn’t part of your renovation plans. You need willpower when it comes to giving your home a facelift. So, do the essential jobs first. Negotiate hard with tradespeople and don’t ever shy away from asking for a discount if you are spending a small fortune in a store. Budget for everything and keep an eye on the purse strings. Overspending in one area means tightening the outgoings in another.


Pace Yourself

If you have lofty plans when it comes to your renovations, make sure that you finish one job before beginning another. There’s nothing worse than sorting out your uneven wall, only for you to get bored after skimming it with new plaster and venturing onto the gutter clearing on your roof. An unfinished job or two or three can make your home feel like a constant building site. No longer do you have a home, but a neverending DIY project. Take your time and pace yourself so you see the finished product of your renovation efforts. Your other half will thank you for it.

Renovating your home should be fun, and doing as much of as you can yourself can be hugely rewarding. Follow this guide and ensure that you don’t slip into any home renovation traps.

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