Simple Beauty Tips For Busy Mums*

Simple Beauty Tips For Busy Mums | Pip Milburn

If you’re a busy Mum, the idea of spending time on your appearance may be a pretty foreign one. After all, not only are you in such a rush in the morning that this is actually impossible, but you have other things to think about and, well, they just seem more important. However, just because you’re a Mum doesn’t mean that you should stop spending time on making yourself feel great, even if it’s only five minutes. You deserve it, after all, especially given all that you do for your family, so follow these simple tips!

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Take your makeup off before bed

Taking your makeup off before you go to sleep is objectively the worst thing in the world (well, maybe). The likelihood is that you are completely exhausted after rushing around all day, and you just don’t want to sit there cleaning your face for five minutes; five minutes that could be valuable sleeping time. However, whether you wear a lot of makeup or not, cleaning your face at night is really important if you want your skin to be radiant, and acne-free, so take a few minutes to make sure that you’ve done this. You don’t want to leave all of the dirt from the day on your skin, as this really isn’t good for you!

Get an invisible brace

OK, we know what you’re thinking. Aren’t braces for like, teenagers? However, the brace is absolutely evolving, and if you get an invisible one, people won’t even know that it is there. This is a great idea if you’re a little bit self-conscious about your smile, but you don’t really want to have a traditional brace. Your smile is one of the most important things, and if you’re not laughing as you should be doing due to a dislike of your teeth, then this is certainly worthwhile. There is nothing more important than smiling and laughing with your kids, without feeling self-conscious about the way that you look.

Drink more water

As a Mum, your primary intake is probably coffee (or tea) to keep you awake, and when the hour comes around, probably a nice glass of wine. There is nothing that could benefit you more, though, than staying hydrated with a few glasses of the good old H2O, and it will do wonders for your health and beauty, without taking up a lot of time (or money). Not only is it great for your hair and nails – and keeping your skin clear – but it also helps to flush out all of the bad stuff in your body, and it helps you to focus on the things that are really important. No more caffeine headaches – or hangovers – for us, thank you!

So, if you’re a busy Mum looking for some beauty tips, why not try out these simple things? It can be so difficult to find the time to fit stuff in, but taking your makeup off, investing in an invisible brace, and drinking more water will really help you to improve how you look and feel, without eating into your time and money. Try out these things, and see how they can help you.

For more quick beauty tips see my video below.

*This is a collaborative post.

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